Height lengthening, or growing taller, is a relatively new concept; however, it has been performed successfully for over 50 years. The procedure involves a surgical cut in the leg and/or thigh bones through a minimally invasive technique in order to allow lengthening or correction of any deformities in the legs. A Russian surgeon named Gavriil Ilizarov developed this concept in the 1950s, and the technique has since been dramatically improved by surgeons from around the world to allow fewer complications and faster recovery time. Dr. Shahab Mahboubian is continuing this further for the betterment of the society.

Arm or Leg Length Differences

Bone or Joint Deformity

Osteomyelitis – Bone Infection

Growth Plate Fractures



Shortening & Deformity

Bone defects

Bone defects

Bow Legs

Knock Knees

Knee Arthritis

Leg Length Discrepancies

Congenital Short Femur

Fibular Hemimelia


Arthritic Ankles

Deformity of Bone

Knee Arthritis

Short Metatarsals

Old Infections


Constitutional Short Stature