What is Height Lengthening?

Height lengthening is a surgery that increases the length of the long bones of the leg. This procedure can be done on the femur (thigh) and/or on the tibia (shin). Today’s height lengthening technology is far more advanced than what was started in the U.S. back in the 1950’s. Cosmetic height lengthening can help you grow taller – by up to 6 more inches! We are the leader in height lengthening surgery and leg deformity correction. Being short or having limb deformities are the two major reasons why people want to have this procedure. 

What is the cost of the procedure?

Special 2022 Prices

Bilateral femur lengthening (Precise nail) —————–$82,000 USD

Bilateral tibia lengthening   (Precise nail) —————–$92,000 USD

Combined tibia and femur lengthening 3-4 weeks apart——-$169,000 USD


How much does the consultation cost?
The consultation costs $800, which cannot be applied to your surgery cost. The cost remains the same even if the consultation is done online.

How much is the anesthesia fee?
The anesthesia fee is $1,750.

Can I lengthen my femurs and tibia at the same time?
It is not recommended to perform lengthening on the femurs and tibias simultaneously due to higher complication rates including fat embolism, joint contracture and nerve damage; however, a staged procedure of both can be performed with 3-4 weeks in between each procedure.

What is the maximum height I can get from this surgery?
Most candidates are able to increase their height up to 8 cm (3.1 inches) with one lengthening procedure (usually femurs) without any issues. Additional lengthening of the tibias can be performed to increase height by an additional 6.5 cm (2.5 inches).

What is the recovery process?
The recovery time is 3-4 months before you can walk without any assistance and 6-8 months for competitive sports. The new STRYDE system can withstand up to 250 pounds (113 kg) of weight-bearing after surgery. This allows patients to move around without crutches after a few weeks and makes recovery time much easier. You will also need to attend Physical Therapy to stretch and strengthen your legs. There will be little small scars on your body after the surgery.

How long after the surgery can I walk? Will I be wheelchair bound?
Even with the STRYDE system, in the beginning you will need a walker for short walks. You will only need to use a wheelchair for long distances when getting the procedure done with the STRYDE nail. With the STRYDE nail you can transition to crutches faster and need no helping devices after a few weeks.

Can I go back to exercising/weight lifting/training/dancing right after? Do people really get back to sports after this?
You can go back to training your upper body right away, however, it can take 6-8 months to go back to dancing, running, and full weight training. It may take up to a year to go back to doing competitive sports, such as soccer, tennis, or basketball.

Is there financing available for the procedure?
Currently, financing is available for surgery through Care Credit, where the ability to finance the procedure is dependent upon your credit rating. Learn more about this during your consultation.

How long will I need to stay in Los Angeles after the procedure?
It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you remain in Los Angeles for the entire lengthening process. If that is not possible, a minimum of 2-3 weeks are necessary to ensure all went well with the procedure and that the lengthening phase began well. If you absolutely cannot remain in the area, you can send x-rays to our office every 2-3 weeks and continue lengthening from home. We can chat over the phone or via email and you can work with a local orthopedic surgeon if problems arise.

Can we do a phone/web consultation if I am not from Los Angeles?
This is not recommended but if you absolutely cannot come into our office, we can do a consultation online. We still need your x-rays so that we can measure and order the right size nails. 

How much do the removal of the rods cost?
We try to cover most of the cost through insurance; however, without insurance the price is $13k-$15k USD which includes facility fees.

Can I correct my bow legs and do the height lengthening procedure at the same time?
Definitely! If you have true bow legs, we may be able to cover part of the cost through insurance.

Can I schedule physical therapy in my home state and how much will it cost me?
Yes, you can! Without insurance, physical therapy may cost $1500- $3000 a month. With insurance, physical therapy can cost $60-$80 per session. You need physical therapy 3-4 times a week for 3-4 months! We have a physical therapist we can connect you with who provides physical therapy services to patients after the procedure. If you are not from Los Angeles, we will provide instructions to your physical therapist at home!

What is the approximate cost of a home health nurse?
The cost can range from $500-$2,000 per week.

How many lengthening procedures have you done?
We perform 30-40 height lengthening procedures a year.

What are the risks involved with the procedure? Is it very dangerous?
We have seen compartment syndrome occur in the lower legs, but this is taken care of right away without any long-term problems. Some other risks include infection, blood clots, joint stiffness, hardware failure, poor bone development, and early consolidation.  Most of these risks are less than 5% combined.

How long after the surgery will my pain go away?
Pain is relative, but you will have enough pain medications to make the recovery process very comfortable for you.

What is the approximate cost of medication needed during recovery?
The cost is approximately $500-$1,500 for the duration of the recovery.

What is the price for the external device rather than the internal?
The external device is about $10,000 less than the internal device, but the recovery is much longer.

What is the soonest time surgery can be done after the consultation?
We have done this in the past and it is possible to do the consult and surgery in the same week. However, you must have paid everything in full and discussed all the options and details with our staff and the doctor to properly coordinate the surgery.

What is covered in the cost of surgery?

  •     Hospital stay for up to 3 days.
  •     All hospital charges relating to the operating room and recovery room.
  •     Implant costs: Bilateral Precice lengthening rods.
  •     Anesthesiologist fees.
  •     Surgeon fees.
  •     Surgery assistant fees.
  •     Radiologist fees (includes their reading fee of all the x-rays).
  •     All hospital diagnostic tests during the admission.
  •     All x-rays: up to (90 days) 12 weeks (your insurance may cover past 90 days).
  •     All office visits: up to (90 days) 12 weeks (your insurance may cover past 90 days).

What is not covered?

  •     Medications and pharmaceuticals (e.g. pain medicine, anticoagulants, supplements e.g. calcium, bone health now, Vitamin D, anti-inflammatory medications,       wheelchair, crutches. Insurance will cover).
  •     Travel/Lodging accommodations. We will provide a list of recommended locations.
  •     Food and other supplies during the stay in Los Angeles.
  •     Home health aids (nurses, homemaker, etc.).

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